U.S. Army Veteran Charley Jordan shares his journey toward yoga and life-saving self-care

Episode Summary

U.S. Army veteran, farmer, and educator, Charley Jordan, shares how his yoga practice and connection with the earth changed his life after military service.

Episode Notes

We met U.S. Army veteran Charley Jordan through photographer, and fellow Glo podcast guest, Robert Sturman (episode #14). Sturman photographed Charley and other military veterans who use yoga as a healing practice for PTSD as well as mental, emotional, and physical effects due to their careers. 

Charley is now a college adjunct professor, flower farmer, and owner of Jordan Farms in Tennessee. Charley and Derik discuss his 28 years of service and how he discovered yoga and horticulture as a way of safely dealing with and healing from the intense emotion and trauma of a demanding career. He shares about a veterans organization called Connected Warriors, and how his commitment to his yoga practice and connection with the earth changed his life. 


Jordan Farms


Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Veterans Crisis Line


Connected Warriors


Robert Sturman Studio


Robert Sturman’s interview on The Glo Podcast 


Charley featured in Robert Sturman’s photography:



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