Seane Corn on The Glo Podcast: Spiritual Growth

Episode Summary

Derik speaks with Seane Corn, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, social activist, and author of Revolution of the Soul, a memoir about self-awakening through trauma and transformation. They also discuss her never-ending pursuit of inner truth, racial justice, and radical self-acceptance.

Episode Notes

The work of uncovering your authentic self can be challenging because it means relinquishing control and feeling the difficult emotions we suppress. However, it’s in the process of developing this kind of empathy for others that we begin to lead our most fulfilling life. Seane shares these and other lessons she’s learned along her spiritual journey. She and Derik talk about her experience uncovering her own biases and the importance of accepting ourselves as humans who are both good and flawed as a way to start reckoning with systems of oppression and white supremacy. They also discuss Seane’s social action work on and off the mat. 

Practice with Seane on Glo! Her all-levels ‘Elements of Flow’ is a series of seven Vinyasa classes, 30 minutes each that focus on how to approach this powerful practice more mindfully. The core concepts include proper alignment, fluid transitions, and modifications.


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