Nicole LePera Reveals How to Get Unstuck

Episode Summary

Nicole LePera, the holistic psychologist, and author of How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self, shares her journey to understand why we all get stuck in destructive patterns that even therapy can’t seem to undo. She discovers an answer by examining the mind-body connection, opening the door to a new understanding of the dual role of genetics and environment in our happiness and success in life.

Episode Notes

The holistic psychologist and author Nicole LePera wants her clients and patients to feel more comfortable with being uncomfortable. She says that experiencing discomfort helps us develop resilience. This is what gives us all the courage to risk more and try new things. 

This was part of her education into understanding why many of her clients had incredible insights and awareness about themselves, but still felt stuck in therapy. She empathized, often feeling as stuck as they did. A door opened for her when she started to include the body in her study of the mind. She saw the role of how both genetics and our environment played in shaping our personality and our connection to each other.


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