Member Love: Glo member shares how her daily practice changed her life on and off the mat

Episode Summary

As part of a special series for The Glo Podcast, Derik Mills interviews members of Glo about their practice. Today, Derik chats with Kelly Alexander, a women’s wellness retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, holistic health coach, published author, and raw vegan chef whose work with women specifically, has revealed that self-care is often the last item on women’s to-do lists. Kelly shares the pressures of WFH and the steps she has taken to commit to her daily yoga practice and how it has become as essential as brushing her teeth.

Episode Notes

At Glo, we have an internal slack channel called “Member Love” where we post feedback from our members around the world. This is the second episode in a series on The Glo Podcast where we’ll be sharing a conversation with one of our Glo members. Today, Derik speaks with Kelly Alexander, a Glo member, certified yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and founder of “Raw By Nature,” a website that offers nourishing recipes and plant-based lifestyle tips. Kelly shares how she maintains her own self-care routines that help her turn off and tune in despite the pressure of always being online while working from home. 


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