Larissa May, Founder & Executive Director of #HalfTheStory, on how to create healthy boundaries with technology

Episode Summary

Larissa May (AKA Larz), Founder and Executive Director of #HalfTheStory has been dubbed a Digital Wellness activist by Time, Forbes, Refinery29, Good Morning America, and NBC. Derik speaks with Larz about the future of digital wellness, how technology is impacting mental health, and the difference between connecting and connection. Tune in to learn more about #HalfTheStory and their upcoming Global Day of Unplugging on August 7, 2021.

Episode Notes

Derik Mills explores technology and its impact on our health in this interview with Larissa May, Founder and Executive Director of #HalfTheStory. Larissa, AKA Larz, is pioneering the future of digital wellness for the next generation. They discuss the importance of digital wellness, #HalfTheStory’s upcoming Global Day of Unplugging, the educational programs her brand is developing to empower youth to create healthy boundaries with technology, manage passive consumption, and “mind their scroll” as a way of being more deliberate in what they give their attention to. Larz also shares the challenges of building a brand, the ways to create healthy remote work culture, and her non-negotiables for maintaining her own self care.

Interested in joining #HalfTheStory and Larz in a Global Day of Unplugging? Sign up here:


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