Koya Webb on prioritizing wellness, forgiveness and affirmation rituals, and the process of writing her book Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth.

Episode Summary

What if our pain was part of our purpose? Derik chats with Koya Webb about how the importance of processing her pain has helped her discover her life’s purpose. She shares how she uses yoga, breathwork, and a healthy lifestyle to heal from trauma, build resilience, and become a more accessible leader to her team.

Episode Notes

Koya Webb is a Glo teacher, Wellness Visionary, Educator, & Founder of Get Loved Up. She has over 15 years of experience in holistic health studies and dedicates herself to supporting those who suffer from chronic disease through building sustainable, daily self-care, plant-based nutrition, and eco-friendly practices. In this episode, Koya chats with Derik about how she discovered yoga in college as an Olympic Track & Field hopeful after sustaining a debilitating injury. She spent a year in recovery practicing yoga and breathwork and went on to win her conference title and was ranked 13th in the nation.

Today, Koya is the founder of Get Loved Up, an international lifestyle community and Yoga School that inspires mental, spiritual and physical health through an app, online courses, retreats, in-person yoga teacher training events, and the Get Loved Up Podcast. Koya shares the ways she prioritizes wellness for herself and her team, her forgiveness rituals, and the ups and the downs of publishing her latest book How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth.” 

Trigger warning for this episode: Koya brings up the topics of sexual assault and rape culture.


Koya’s book Let Your Fears Make You Fierce is relaunching with a redesign. https://koya-webb.mykajabi.com/koya-webb-let-your-fears-make-you-fierce

Her website: https://koyawebb.com/

Her podcast is called Get Loved Up



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