Jo Tastula, Glo’s first yoga teacher, shares how to create a yoga practice for healing on and off the mat

Episode Summary

Jo Tastula is Glo’s first yoga teacher and identifies as a mother, daughter, and seeker. Today, she reflects with Derik on the early years of Glo (formerly YogaGlo) and how her spiritual experiences with mysticism and plant medicine have informed how she lives and teaches yoga. Jo also shares her upcoming book on birth and death and how her practice has supported her through life’s most challenging moments.

Episode Notes

Derik discusses the founding years of Glo with the first teacher he approached, Jo Tastula. Located in Western Australia, Jo chats with Derik about her unique upbringing, how it changed her teaching style, and the ups and downs of her journey to becoming a yoga teacher. She shares how her practice has helped to create a sacred space for healing in some of her most difficult moments—losing both of her parents, pregnancy, and parenthood. Jo shares profound anecdotes about her own journey to becoming a yoga teacher from mysticism and plant medicine, to the enigma of defining yoga, “Just when you think you have it, it slips from your fingers.” 


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