Jason Crandell on The Glo Podcast: Yoga as a Grounding Force

Episode Summary

Jason Crandell is globally regarded as a “teacher’s teacher” because of his ability to translate complex yoga concepts into approachable, digestible wisdom that can be applied on and off the mat. In this episode, Jason shares how he found yoga, and the places his practice has taken him—geographically and spiritually. From managing anxiety and ADHD, to navigating confrontation and maintaining healthy relationships, this conversation reveals how healthy rituals have the power to influence our lives.

Episode Notes

Derik speaks with Jason Crandell, renowned yoga teacher and author. Jason has traveled the world educating teachers and practitioners of yoga and has become known by many as a “teacher’s teacher.” This episode discusses Jason’s education and philosophy on the vast and various definitions of yoga, including one of his favorites, Mary Paffard’s “pirate yoga.” 

Jason also shares how yoga is a sensory experience of the musculoskeletal system rooted in consciousness and psyche and how his practice serves as a grounding force for the various components of the mind, or, as Jason calls it, a “titration of the psyche.” 

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