How Understanding Neuroscience Can Expand Your Yoga Practice, with Celest Pereira

Episode Summary

Author, podcaster, and physiotherapist Celest Pereira joins guest host Marc Laws II, a Glo teacher, in a conversation about how knowing a little bit about neuroscience and biomechanics can influence your yoga practice.

Episode Notes

Celest Pereira, a physiotherapy expert, joins guest host Marc Laws II, a Glo instructor, in a conversation about neuroscience and biomechanics. 

In previous episodes of The Glo Podcast, we’ve talked about how the brain perceives and creates the world we experience. Celest brings a new chapter to those conversations. She and Marc discuss nociceptors, the sensory neurons that respond to potentially damaging stimuli by sending “possible threat” signals to the spinal cord and brain. The brain creates the sensation of pain to call attention to the part of the body that might be at risk. 

Celest is a co-author, with Adell Bridges, of Too Flexible To Feel Good, a book for double-jointed or overly flexible people who struggle with injuries in their yoga practice. She is also the host of the Love at First Science podcast. 


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