How dedication to our practice can enhance our life and fuel creativity with Robert Sturman, internationally celebrated photographer

Episode Summary

Robert Sturman’s photography captures yogis from all walks of life and landscapes. From cancer survivors and war veterans, to San Quentin State Prison and the expanse of the California Coast. Sturman shares how his practice informs his work as a storyteller and living a more meaningful life.

Episode Notes

This episode of The Glo Podcast, Derik speaks with celebrated photographer and yogi, Robert Sturman, whose work has taken him around the world, into prisons, and behind the scenes on military bases. He’s also been the official artist of iconic events such as Grammy Awards, FIFA World Cup, and U.S. Olympics. Sturman discusses his parallel journey as a yogi and developing his skills as a photographer, and how the two practices have supported him in living a life of connection, compassion, and challenge. He describes yoga as “the most beautiful, figurative poetry ever seen in the history of art,” and believes that making a picture is a way for photographer and subject to collaborate together on the betterment of humanity. 

Robert’s online course is called A Celebration of Humanity through the Art of Yoga Photography.

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