Dr. Larry Rosen on the truth about digital detoxes & why multitasking isn’t as efficient as you might think

Episode Summary

Derik speaks with Dr. Larry Rosen about his 30+ years of research on the profound effects of technology, the rise of social media, gaming, online dating, and its effect on our productivity, sleep, stress, and perception of ourselves and the world around us.

Episode Notes

Derik Mills speaks with scientist, writer, and expert in the “Psychology of Technology” Dr. Larry Rosen. They discuss the psychological consequences of social media and our addiction to our devices. He shares his 30+ years of research in the field and the correlation between our cognitive functions, increased technology consumption, and our rising cortisol levels. Dr. Rosen shares the truth about digital detoxes, why multitasking isn’t actually as efficient as you might think, as well as the strategies and device settings that can help you change your relationship and reliance on technology. He also examines his personal experience with Parkinson’s and how he’s building awareness for other sufferers.

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