Damona Hoffman on The Glo Podcast: Why our personal wellness is key for dating and long-term partnerships

Episode Summary

Damona Hoffman is a relationship expert and online dating coach who offers her wisdom on The Drew Barrymore Show and hosts the podcast Dates and Mates. In today’s episode, Damona chats with Lisa about how yoga and wellness inform her coaching style and how the work that she does with her clients is actually more about personal transformation and finding a deeper understanding of self than trying to understand someone else. Her insights can help listeners establish healthy boundaries and resilience around the process of finding love in relationships, but most importantly within ourselves.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Lisa chats with Damona Hoffman, an online dating coach, host of the podcast Dates & Mates: Modern Love Made Simple, and relationship expert on The Drew Barrymore Show. They talk about the impact of our wellness practice on our ability to find meaningful partnerships, common dating mistakes, and how to optimize your dating app profile. Damona also shares her personal experiences as well as the common frustrations and questions she gets from clients, like how to avoid “dating fatigue,” ways to decipher anxiety from intuition, and what healthy boundaries in a relationship look like. Learn more about Damona and her work in dating and relationships using the links to her resources below.


Damona’s website


30 Day Dating Playbook

Damona’s Dates and Mates Podcast:  https://damonahoffman.com/dates-and-mates-podcast/

Washington Post Date Lab: Daters say they don’t tolerate racial bias. Their actions say they do have racial preferences.

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