Change the way you think about food, indulgence, & what healthy eating actually looks like with Vanessa Rissetto, RD

Episode Summary

Essence Magazine named Vanessa Rissetto one of the top nutritionists that will “change the way you think about food.” Vanessa shares how to navigate healthy eating habits that go beyond the holidays and the crucial role that nutrition plays in the medical field.

Episode Notes

“What should I eat?” can be an emotional question for many of us, particularly during the holidays. In today’s episode, Lisa Brooks Mills speaks with Vanessa Rissetto, a registered dietitian, the co-founder of Culina Health, and the dietician intern director at New York University. 

Vanessa shares lifestyle adjustments for healthy eating habits that are sustainable, and how to prepare and support yourself with healthy choices throughout the holidays. She also discusses the key differences between dieticians and nutritionists so you can learn to navigate the growing world of social media and wellness.


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