Byron Katie on how to transform suffering and access the wisdom within you

Episode Summary

Over the past thirty-one years, Byron Katie has helped millions of people around the world to free themselves from stress, frustration, anger, and sadness. TIME describes her as “a spiritual innovator for the 21st century.” Today, Byron shares about her journey from depression to freedom, and the method she co-created as a result, called The Work.

Episode Notes

Best-selling author and founder, Byron Katie, wrote Loving What Is and A Mind at Home with Itself: Finding Freedom in a World of Suffering with co-author Stephen Mitchell. She is the founder of Byron Katie International, an organization that includes the School for the Work and Turnaround House in Ojai, California, and she is the host of “At Home With Byron Katie,” a podcast and weekly Zoom session. 

Byron Katie teaches a method of self-examination called “The Work” which grew out of her own spiritual journey and experience with depression. In this introspective conversation with Lisa Brooks Mills, Byron shares her personal journey that inspired “The Work” and the power of simply witnessing, instead of reacting, as a way to build compassion. She also shares the critical questions that make her method so successful in healing trauma of all kinds. 

Trigger warning for this episode: Byron discusses topics about individuals who experienced sexual abuse.


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