Annie Carpenter on cultivating presence and a yoga practice that spans a lifetime

Episode Summary

Annie Carpenter, Glo teacher, senior yoga teacher and trainer, and founder of SmartFLOW’s teacher training program, discusses her teaching philosophy for finding your flow and cultivating a life-long curiosity and wonder.

Episode Notes

We all have moments that inspire us to change or dedicate ourselves to something we would have never guessed or expected. Glo teacher Annie Carpenter, shares the importance of presence and how our yoga practice can support us in cultivating presence. Annie shares about the early days of YogaGlo, the teachers who impacted her life, the Katha Upanishad, and how her practice (as a teacher and student) has evolved. They also discuss her teacher training program, SmartFLOW, and the ways her passion for birding is another exercise in presence. 


Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW Yoga

GLO classes:

Radical Acceptance

Here and Now

Mindfulness Meditation

Steady Breath Flow

Strong Supported Hatha