Amber Miskovich on her journey from Air Force medic and firefighter to yoga studio owner and breathwork coach for first responders

Episode Summary

First responders are known for their composure and bravery in the face of a dire emergency, but at what cost? Amber Miskovich, former Ohio National Guard medic, firefighter, and paramedic, shares how yoga and breathwork transformed her life and inspired her to open a yoga studio to support the mental and physical wellbeing of first responders.

Episode Notes

Continuing our series of interviews with first responders, Derik Mills chats with Amber Miskovich, a former medic, firefighter, and paramedic turned yoga teacher and studio owner. We met Amber through the photographer Robert Sturman, who has photographed first responders doing yoga. 

In our interview, Amber shares that “first responders, on average, only live five years past retirement.” After leaving her career as a firefighter, Amber experienced this steep psychological and physical price firsthand. It was then that she turned to Save A Warrior or (SAW), an innovative “war detox” program for Warriors suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. She shares how this helped her find a new passion in service through wellness, massage, yoga, and meditation. She went on to open a yoga studio in her home state of Ohio, where she teaches yoga and breathwork as a practice for current and former first responders to deal with the demands and PTSD of their demanding careers.


Amber’s studio

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Save A Warrior 

Practice with Amber: 

Massage for shoulders and hips with Amber 1

Massage for shoulders and hips with Amber 2



45 min power flow with Amber Miskovich


GLO classes:

Slow and Simple 

Mindful Stretch Hatha 

Flow & Breathwork 

Breathing to Release Stress 

Powerful Breathwork & Meditation 

Meditation Mini-Retreat