Alli Webb, Drybar Co-Founder, on creating success by following your heart, listening to intuition, and asking for help when you need it

Episode Summary

Alli Webb shares how she manages wellness and leadership since co-founding her first company, Drybar, and going on to found and contribute to multiple other ventures such as a jewelry and watch company called Becket and Quill, a massage company called Squeeze, and Okay Humans, which offers online access to talk therapy.
In this interview with Derik Mills, she reveals that there is no set pathway to success, but there is inner work all founders need to do to create success and lead a more fulfilling life professionally and personally. They talk about dealing with imposter st syndrome and asking for help when you need it.

Episode Notes

Derik Mills speaks with Drybar’s co-founder, Alli Webb, about starting new ventures, approaching difficult conversations, and the positive impact that professional and personal coaching has had on her leadership. Alli says her inner and outer journeys have been crucial to her success in business and personal relationships. It’s what’s supported her in developing confidence in her creativity, conquering imposter syndrome, and ultimately contributing to additional ventures like Becket and Quill, Squeeze, and Okay Humans. This episode covers her real-life experiences, mistakes, and victories in business and in life and may even help you discover the business genius inside of you.


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